Scampi: Give us an example of what your voice sounds like.
Scampi: Come on.
Peter: Lamp-post.
Scampi: Perfect!
Peter: Chicken-wire.  Coconuts and Portuguese irrigation systems.  Balloons!  Toes!  Incandescent wire mausing spaceship tubes!  Waggling interfaces!
Scampi: How fantastic.  More!
Peter: I’m exhausted.
Scampi: I didn’t know you had it in you.
Peter: Well.
Scampi: You make a lot of rustling noises.  Did you know that?
Peter: Pardon me?
Scampi: That’s like, your primary noise.  Rustling.
Peter: I will not condescend to disprove such a theory.
Scampi: You are a rustler.  You should go into cattle.
Peter: (sighs)
Scampi: I award you seven points for the timbre of your excellent voice.  But I would give you ten more if you ran away from home and became a cowboy.
Peter: (clears his throat)
Scampi: You know what else?
Scampi: Hey!  Peter!  You know what else?
Peter: No.
Scampi: Ha!  I know.
Scampi: Well, anyway, some of your shirts are made of unusually soft materials.
Peter: Yes.
Scampi: So you can’t be all bad.
Peter: How gracious.
Scampi: You know what else?  Hey?
Peter: No, I do not know what else.
Scampi: Me neither.
Peter: Scampi –
Scampi: But I promise I’ll tell you some day.
Peter: Okay.
Scampi: Peter?
Peter: Yes?
Scampi: I’m tired.
Peter: I know.


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