Scampi: I think I was dreaming.

Peter: Oh?

Scampi: Sometimes I can’t tell.  You know.

Peter: I do not know.

Scampi: How do you know?

Peter: I do not.

Scampi: But how do you know that you don’t?

Peter: SIGHS.

Scampi: I can’t tell if I’m dreaming or not.  Occasionally.

Peter: What are you suggesting?

Scampi: No need to get so nervous.  I’m just saying.

Peter: I am not nervous.

Scampi: Sure.


Scampi: What do you dream about?

Peter: Peace and quiet.

Scampi: Very funny.  Can’t you remember your dreams?

Peter: I can.

Scampi: Well.  And what are they about?

Peter: This is very tedious.

Scampi: Isn’t.


Scampi: I sometimes feel as if I inhabit a waking fog.

Peter: Perhaps you should have some coffee.

Scampi: That has nothing to do with it.

Peter: I see.

Scampi: I am like a monster of my own creation.  Half-asleep.

Peter: Perhaps you should keep such thoughts to yourself.

Scampi: What’s that supposed to mean?

Peter: Forgive me.  I have a headache.

Scampi: Oh.  Okay.

Peter: Ah.

Scampi: Sorry.

Peter: It’s quite all right.

Scampi: Do you think we are in the dark?

Peter: That would certainly soothe this migraine.

Scampi: We’re in a cave, a bed of leaves.

Peter: Are you suggesting that we are hibernating?

Scampi: Like bears.

Peter: I am not a bear.

Scampi: We have collapsed from the exhaustion of open spaces.

Peter: I wouldn’t say “collapsed”.

Scampi: No, of course not.  You’d just do it.

Peter: I am a human man.

Scampi: An overdose of beauty can be a tricksy thing, Peter.  Beauty and possibilities.

Peter: Which causes you to transform into an apostate ursus experiencing a low degree of consciousness under a rock somewhere?

Scampi: Perhaps.

Peter: I see.

Scampi: There is the question of our animal nature.

Peter: We are bound by the flesh.

Scampi: I don’t know about you.

Peter: Pardon?

Scampi: Oh, nothing.


Scampi: What good is the meadow if one’s mind remains a howling wilderness?

Peter: Do you feel that your mind is a howling wilderness?

Scampi: I feel that my memory of the meadow grows swampy.

Peter: Perhaps you are unwell.

Scampi: What a thing to say!

Peter: Lower your voice.

Scampi: I did.

Peter: Thank you.

Scampi: Maybe we should get some sleep.

Peter: We?

Scampi: I sleep, you sleep.

Peter: This is fundamentally illogical.

Scampi: Is not.  You might as well be sleeping.  If I’m asleep.

Peter: This is not the case.

Scampi: It might as well be.

Peter: SIGHS.


Scampi: Can you hear the sound of running water?

Peter: A leaky faucet?

Scampi: I believe it is the sea.


pt 60: BEASTS

Scampi: Well, Peter.


Peter: Well.


Scampi: It seems to me.




Scampi: Or, to look at it another way.


Peter: Hm?


Scampi: I’m just trying to appreciate all angles here.


Peter: Okay.


Scampi: However.


Peter: Indeed.


Scampi: I wasn’t finished.


Peter: Oh.


Scampi: Have you ever gone to Australia?


Peter: I have not.


Scampi: Oh. I knew that, actually.


Peter: Yes.


Scampi: How do you imagine it to be?


Peter: I don’t, really. I don’t think about Australia that much.


Scampi: And why would you?




Scampi: But really the question is, why wouldn’t you? Eh?


Peter: Because it is not in my brain. There is no need.


Scampi: Maybe you need to learn a little more about your neighbours. Did you ever think of that?


Peter: What neighbours?


Scampi: On this earth. Your fellow men. Your humanoid compatriots.


Peter: Humanoid? Do you mean human?


Scampi: Don’t patronise me, mister. I know what I mean.




Scampi: And I’m not the only one. You know what I mean, too.


Peter: Oh really.


Scampi: Yes. Anyway, if we need to learn about Australia, we can jolly well learn about Australia.


Peter: If.


Scampi: That’s right. Besides, I bet you know a lot more about Australia than you let on.


Peter: How much are you betting?


Scampi: It’s an expression. It means, I am correct.


Peter: Hm.


Scampi: For example, in Australia, everyone walks around upside down. Did you know that?


Peter: Please.


Scampi: What? What?


Peter: Refrain from this prattle.


Scampi: Prattle? Pardon me?


Peter: You just said that in Australia people are walking around upside down.


Scampi: Perhaps I did. Perhaps they are.


Peter: SIGHS.


Scampi: The world is rife with strange beasts.




Scampi: And perhaps we are the strangest beasts of all. Some of us anyway.


Peter: Are you talking about me?


Scampi: No. I am talking to you.




Scampi: Fungi floppily cushion the forest floor. Behind the trees, brown bears dip their magnificent paws in wild honey.


Peter: Is this a children’s tale?


Scampi: Is that what you think? Bears and mushrooms belong in fairytales?


Peter: Perhaps.


Scampi: Well, I think they belong in the world. We are all in the world.


Peter: Is this what passes for philosophy these days?


Scampi: Don’t start with me. Philosophy is welcome to take a long walk off a short pier.




Scampi: I am sure you have no wish to deny the existence of bears, mulching leaves, mushrooms, and Australia.


Peter: The existence of them?


Scampi: That’s right. You do not deny it. Do you?


Peter: Uh. No.


Scampi: Precisely! That’s what I’m saying. We’re all in this together.


Peter: Well, now—


Scampi: Don’t well now me. We are all crunching and whispering across the forest floor. Going from here to there. Looking for a soft place to sleep.


Peter: Well yes.


Scampi: Of course. There could be a blanket of snow, there could be a blanket of leaves, there could be a blanket of fine alpaca fur.


Peter: One has to have dreams, I suppose.


Scampi: What?




Scampi: What was that?


Peter: Uh.


Scampi: Dreams? Are you talking about dreams?


Peter: It was a just a.


Scampi: Do you have dreams? Is this what you’re saying?


Peter: I wasn’t really. Saying anything.


Scampi: Dreams. The finely silted dreams of Peter.


Peter: Silted? What are you talking about?


Scampi: I don’t know.






Scampi: I don’t know.