pt 17: CANYONS

Scampi: Today I would like to speak about Natural History.


Peter: I can hardly contain my anticipation.


Scampi: Natural History is all about birds, fish, the tips of trees that you cannot see because you are on the ground, and the human heart, that maudlin manic fist.


Peter: It does not take a top-notch prepschool education to disprove such nonsense.


Scampi: Peter, why don’t you open up your ribcage and breathe in some possibilities? You are behaving like a sucking chest wound.


Peter: I often have difficulty with the imagery you employ.


Scampi: We are all eminently employable, at heart.


Peter: Can I mention something about science fiction classics here?


Scampi (graciously): Yes. Now, on to brighter climes. Existence, like being a waitress, is a dance. It is a waltz, it is a foxtrot. It is a moshpit, and a bathroom overdose on the side, and it is a prayer, a softshoe jazz routine and a humble request to not fall over, please. It is a pickup truck, for god’s sake. It’s all a dance. Give me your hand.


Peter: You may look at it, but you can’t keep it.


Scampi: Peter’s fingers are surprisingly slender. I have known men with longer, thinner fingers than this, but those fingers were attached to longer, thinner men.


Peter: Are you insinuating something about my appearance?


Scampi: I insinuate nothing. I am toxic with infatuation.


Peter: Oh?


Scampi: From the solar system right on down to the paint scraper in my pocket, I am idiotically infatuated with this world. You have no idea. It even hurts. It hurts like your stomach hurts when you’re laughing so hard you can’t breathe, but you still can’t stop. That’s how I feel about this world.


Peter: Hurt?


Scampi: Don’t mind if I do.


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