Scampi: Let’s talk about how I would ask just anyone to dance.




Scampi: Hey Peter, remember when ________________________________________ ________________ __________________ ___________________________________________?


Peter: [SIGHS.]


Scampi: Anyway, I would ask anyone to dance. That’s the whole point of it. I would ask a toadstool! I would ask your mother, on your sister’s wedding day, and she would weep upon my shoulder. Eh? How do you like that?


Peter: I really don’t think that seems plausible.


Scampi: Ha! Naturally! And that shows just about how much you know. I don’t see anyone weeping on your shoulder. Unless those flakes of skin are really the tears of a loving mother on her daughter’s wedding day. Which I do not suppose they are. Not even for a second! This is simply not the case! I would dance with ANYONE. ANYONE.


Peter: Yes, I think we’ve all apprehended that.


Scampi: I should hope you have. Because it’s true.

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