pt 134: DETAIL

Scampi: Well, your hands are in good condition.


Peter: As is the top of your head.


Scampi: Yes. And a bowl of tangerines by the window.


Peter: A green bowl.


Scampi: Sea green.


Peter: The light perhaps hurts my eyes.


Scampi: You should perhaps get your eyes checked.


Peter: Perhaps.


Scampi: I dreamed of open water.


Peter: I dreamed of a coastal village.


Scampi: The fishermen are mending their nets.




Scampi: You look flushed.


Peter: Oh?


Scampi: And yet your hands are very pale.


Peter: Not very pale.


Scampi: White. Like the bleached bones of sardines.


Peter: My hands are white.


Scampi: The sea off the coast is green. Green as a bowl of tangerines.




Scampi: Fruit ripens in the sun.


Peter: By the window?


Scampi: And one day we ourselves become dust.


Peter: Aye.


Scampi: Pale bones.


Peter: Including the top of your head.


Scampi: Your hands.


Peter: The tangerines.


Scampi: The light in the window and the bowl and the sea?


Peter: The sea contains dust.


Scampi: Silt. S’il te plait.


Peter: Also, crustaceans.


Scampi: Of course, at night the water’s black.




Scampi: Can you do me a favour?


Peter: Such a thing may be within my powers.


Scampi: Next time, light a fire on the beach.


Peter: What beach?


Scampi: Of the village.


Peter: To what end?


Scampi: Just curious.




Scampi: I want to know how far I am from shore.